The Challenge

"Currently, our society is on the brink of a skilled labor shortage that is set to reach 332,000 by 2025"

- Conference Board of Canada (2010)

“In order for Canada to remain competitive in the 21st century, we need a steady pool of competent, quality employees - meaning the average performance of our young people in areas of STEM needs to improve."
- Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for Science and Technology, for National Post, November 2012.

The Solution

At TELUS Spark, our primary focus is to build up STEAM: Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, Artists, and Mathematicians – the great minds that will lead our communities to a greater future. Through exhibits that promote inquiry, and interactive play, we cultivate the curiosity that is necessary to encourage self-discovery.

Curiosity is vital in harnessing the creativity and innovative thinking that each of us possesses. We ask our visitors to push their own boundaries through experiential learning to ask more questions, take risks to solve problems and ultimately foster the skills of innovation that will drive us forward as a community. TELUS Spark bridges the gap between the potential of play and career possibilities. We help create those moments when an individual proclaims “I figured it out! This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

By asking bold questions though hands-on learning, TELUS Spark gives visitors the confidence to take a risk to discover that the answers are within themselves.

Recognize Someone Special

Make a gift to TELUS Spark celebrating a birthday, anniversary or significant milestone in their life. We will send them a letter acknowledging your gift in honour of them.

How is my money spent?

Undesignated donations are most needed by TELUS Spark. These contributions enable us to invest in the areas of greatest need. If you prefer to designate your donation to a specific area of interest, please call 403.817.6881.
Charitable business number: 118781079 RR 0001.
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Ways to Give

Dedicate a Seat

Whether you dedicate a seat in our Galaxy, or in the Theatre where live science experimentation thrives, you'll be able to have a plate engraved with up to 50 characters of your choice! Limited seats available.

Please click here to view and print a donation form. For more information or help, please call us at 403.817.6881

Leave a Legacy

Leave a Legacy

Please let us know if you have designated TELUS Spark as a beneficiary in your will, or if you would like more information.

Gift of Shares
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Share donations to TELUS Spark receive a tax receipt for the full share value and are not subject to capital gains tax! Contact us for more information.

We are grateful for your support!

Choosing to support any organization is a big decision. We want to recognize your dedication to the Mission of TELUS Spark through our giving clubs. For more information please contact Lynne Nieman, Development Officer at 403.817.6881.

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